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Family photography

A lifestyle photo is the perfect gift. Professional lifestyle photography in a fun atmosphere. Lifestyle photographer in Budapest, Pest county and all over the country.

Családi Fotózás

Family photography

Basic package

90 minutes of fun photography and good mood
100-120 recordings are made. The 35 selected images will be retouched and delivered in professional quality.
Delivery of photos within max. 8 working days
· photos optimised for social media
· high-resolution photos for beautiful prints
No delivery fee! (Budapest and Pest area)
No weekend surcharge!
Fun atmosphere and great pictures!

49 000 HUF

Családi Fotózás

Family photography

Basic packages

1 hour fun photography and good mood
60-70 recordings are made. The 20 images you choose will be retouched and delivered in professional quality.
Delivery of photos within max. 8 working days
· photos optimised for social media
· high-resolution photos for beautiful prints
No delivery fee! (Budapest and Pest area)
No weekend surcharge!
Fun atmosphere and great pictures!

39 000 HUF

Prémium Minőségi Fotózás

Premium quality

Part of my job is technical development, and I don't like to compromise on that. So you can only expect high, premium quality from me.

Fotós Pontos Érkezése

Moments caught

It's not just about the aesthetic experience, it's about telling a real story: emotions and a moment captured in images.

Rövid Fotó Átadási Határidő

Fast delivery time

With me, you don't have to wait long for the pictures. I always strive to deliver finished images in the shortest possible time.

Kényelmes Fotó Válogatás


You can select your photos in the comfort of your home. I'll work on the photos that are best for you.


Request a free and no obligation individual quote and I will respond within 24 hours!

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  • 100% quality guarantee.
  • Photography according to your individual request, ideas
  • Your photos will be taken using only professional equipment.
  • No weekend surcharge
  • Your photos will be taken with the most security. No lost moments!
  • I never let go of a job I'm not proud to take on.

Family photography is a special gift for your loved ones

Have you ever wondered what percentage of the items you have received or given as a gift will be in use in 5 or 10 years? The average gift has very little meaning over the years.


Szabadtéri Fotózás Napraforgó KözöttLifestyle photography a lasting gift

The best gifts are always lasting and can be grouped into two areas:

  1. Shared experiences that you have been part of together.
  2. The second is related to the above: The memory of these, which can be not only a family photo album, but also a poem, a song, a melody and much more.

Some events in life deserve to be captured in the best, most perfect way. A maternity shoot, a christening shoot, a family reunion and a birthday shoot are all about that.

As a parent, you may want to be proud to show off the joyful moments with your child. The pregnancy, the newborn and baby photos, the birthday party, the graduation photos. These family photos are a true joy and a lifetime of value. In fact, they become more precious from generation to generation.

Family photography fun for the whole family

  • Maybe you want to take beautiful or even funny pictures of your family and children?
  • Still looking for the perfect gift for your parents or grandparents?
  • Want a professional photo with your brothers and sisters?


The jewel of your home wall or photo album can be a great family portrait with everyone from the youngest to the oldest. Do you have a pet? They belong in a family photo too! Pictures taken with a small digital camera or mobile phone can't beat a well-composed, pin-sharp, truly exceptional, professional-quality photo, even if it's a huge photo to hang on the wall. These family photos are about you and your love for each other. I would like to present you with natural, imaginative and cheerful photos in the best possible quality. I know and experience that photography is fun for the family. Therefore, I will do my utmost to make sure that besides the family photos, the photography will remain a beautiful memory. Depending on your needs, it is possible to take outdoor photos, studio photos, but I will also be happy to take your favourite photos in your own home. All generations can take part in family photoshoots, but it's fine if only the kids are in front of the camera.


My aim is to give you a gift that will be of real value to you many years later. Feelings and moods that you will always remember when you look at the picture on the wall, or flip through the photo album, so that you can enjoy it every day. A good picture is never about the brand of camera or even the number of photos you click, but about the person who holds it in their hands.


The secret of family photos

The secret of family photography lies in capturing people's souls. Before the digital age, there were 24 or 36 frames on a roll of film. So we would first take the picture "in our heads" and if it looked good, only then in reality. For me, quality is more important than quantity. I will always retouch the photos that you, the photographers, have chosen and you can see the raw shots already during the shoot. We will discuss all ideas and plans well before the first meeting, so that by the time the long-awaited day arrives, I can give you something special and beautiful.

The following locations are guaranteed to have no delivery fee: Budapest I.ker, Budapest II.ker, Budapest III.ker, Budapest IV.ker, Budapest V.ker, Budapest VI.ker, Budapest VII.ker, Budapest VIII.ker, Budapest IX.ker, Family photography Budapest X.ker, Budapest XI.ker, Budapest XII.ker, Budapest XIII.ker, Budapest Family photography XIV. ker, Family photography Budapest XV.ker, Family photography Budapest XVI.ker, Family photography Budapest XVII.ker, Budapest XVIII.ker, Budapest XIX.ker, Budapest XX.ker, Budapest XXI.ker, Budapest XXII.ker, Budapest XXIII.ker, Kistarcsa, family photography Nagytarcsa, family photography Family photography Kerepes, Csömör. Fót, Family photography Pécel, Dunakeszi. Gödöllő. Isaszeg. Maglód. Gyömrő.

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